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Welcome to Hungary, Isten hozta!

Welcome to our website!

Our website is designed for both clients and travel professionals to provide the most valuable information possible about our destination and services. No matter how hard we try to feature information on our website is only the surface of our full services and care. If you need additional information, please contact us at info@e-travelclub.hu!

For travel professionals we created an Affiliate Program in order to sell and promote Hungary and Budapest.

Why Hungary and Budapest?

Because Hungary, but particularly Budapest is highly ranked on several tourist guides; lately on Condé Nast Readers' Choice Awards 2014, where Budapest's Readers Rating was 83.727, thus positioning our wonderful capital to place 3rd in the world. This result proves Budapest’s true value, charm and class out of the Top 25 cities in the world.

Because we have excellent local wines to accompany many types of meals, and in the wine producing areas around Lake Balaton and in the northern towns of Eger and Tokaj, you can look forward to tasting some world-class vintages.

Because Hungary has a culture like no other European country. Its very distinct language is unrelated to that of any surrounding countries, a fact which has helped Hungary’s culture retain a flavour all of its own, despite the country’s relatively small size. Its rich and diverse folk heritage can be seen in many informative museums and well-preserved architectural and natural treasures, many of which have UNESCO World Heritage status.  

Why Hungary My Love?

Because our services are local, but we think and act global. We have sales and marketing representations in the USA and Australia to help you to get your question answered or boost your business explaining what to expect when you or your client is in Hungary.

Because we are young, qualified, well-educated Hungarians in the tourism field, having created high end, fresh and crispy luxury packages, hunting down the best people and services available on the market.

Our efforts are proved as we have wonderful relationship with the Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Omorovicza, The Hungarian State Opera House, Experidance Dance show and many more... 

Because simply, We Love Hungary!

Thank you for choosing an authentic Hungarian family business